Sony Ericsson Z530i Review

Full of possibilities  
The Sony Ericsson Z530i grows with your needs. With features ranging from simple phone calls and text messages to a built-in camera, PC connectivity and a music player, it’s a phone for today and tomorrow. And when you want to change the look of your Sony Ericsson Z530i, change the cover. A range of front and back Sony Ericsson Z530i Style-Up Covers is available for the Sony Ericsson Z530i.

Ideal for snapshots
Turn it on, aim and take the picture. Working much like a standard snapshot camera, the Sony Ericsson Z530i is ideal for things that just happen. Browse through video clips and thumbnails of photos, and view them on the large UBC (Ultra Bright Colour) screen.

More with photos

Do more with your images. The Face warp application, for instance, lets you give a photo of a face a twisted humorous touch. Send it to another phone by including it in a multimedia message, and adding a suitable greeting.

External display
The information you need is always close at hand. The external display shows you who’s calling, the time/date and the title of the song you’re listening to. Just glance.

When you have something to share, choose SMS text messaging, multimedia messaging or email. Add a picture, video clip or sound to make your message more personal.

Free your hands
To complete its communication possibilities, the Sony Ericsson Z530i has Bluetooth™ built-in and supports USB connectivity. A Bluetooth™ headset frees your hands and lets you send photos to other Bluetooth™ phones. With a Sony Ericsson Z530i USB cable (optional accessory), synchronise the phone calendar and phonebook with your PC.

Open up for business
The Sony Ericsson Z530i has everything you need for effective business communication. Store all the contact info you need in the phonebook – you have room for hundreds of contacts. Stay updated and in touch via email and the web. To further improve your working day, you’ll find a wide range of Sony Ericsson Z530i accessories available.

Connect and synchronise
There are several ways to connect. The Sony Ericsson Z530i has Bluetooth™ built-in and supports USB connectivity. A USB cable (optional accessory) gives you easy plug-and-play connection to your PC. Synchronise your phone calendar and phonebook with Microsoft® Outlook®. Drag and drop files between phone and PC. Stay mobile, and stay in touch.

Email – and internet – in your phone
Stay updated on news, events and sports scores with the Sony Ericsson Z530i’s internet browser. The Sony Ericsson Z530i also supports push email – a solution that allows you to receive email straight to your phone.

More ways – accessories
Go wireless and free your hands with a Sony Ericsson Z530i Bluetooth headset. Make use of your driving time while staying safe with an in-car handsfree solution. Accessories help you get the most out of your phone.

Ultra-bright Colour Screen
Snap pictures, shoot video clips. And then enjoy them in full colour. The Sony Ericsson Z530i’s Ultra-bright Colour (UBC) screen gives you crisp image quality.

Versatile clamshell phone

You can keep your Sony Ericsson Z530i closed and still see who’s calling. In addition, the external display also shows you the time and date, and what song you’re playing. Flip your Sony Ericsson Z530i clamshell phone open, and use any phone function you like. And when you want to change the look of your phone, get a new outfit for it. Exchangeable Sony Ericsson Z530i Style Up covers are available.

Smooth keys
The Sony Ericsson Z530i’s design details make keeping in touch a pleasure. Arranged like pearls on strings, the Sony Ericsson Z530i’s keys are smooth and responsive to your touch when you’re writing.

Snapshot camera phone
Life is all around you, and the Sony Ericsson Z530i is your perfect companion. With the Sony Ericsson Z530i VGA camera you’re always ready to catch the moment – just aim and snap away. Enjoy your images on the colour screen, share them with friends via MMS or transfer them to your PC.

Keep it moving – video
When you want to catch some live action, the Sony Ericsson Z530i is there for you. The camera allows you to record video clips.

Snap it, warp it, send it
Do more with your camera phone. Take a picture of a friend, choose Face Warp – and give your buddy a big nose, a wide smile or any other kind of funny face. Send your warped image as a personal greeting via MMS. Or just store it in your phone – and view it whenever you feel like a laugh.

Thumbnail gallery
The Sony Ericsson Z530i’s internal memory allows you to store up 900 images (VGA Normal quality). Store more – up to 1 GB – with the Sony Ericsson Z530i Memory Stick Micro M2. When you need to organise your fast-growing image collection, use the picture gallery. Get a thumbnail overview, make a timeline search and sort.

Move to the music

Let the Sony Ericsson Z530i be your music player. Store your music on Memory Stick Micro M2. As an example, a 1 GB memory card gives you room for up to 240 tracks with MP3 encoding. Sony Ericsson’s Disc2Phone PC software helps you convert audio CDs into MP3 files and move them to the phone using a Sony Ericsson Z530i USB cable.

Get into the game – in 3D
Advanced Java 3D games let you challenge yourself – and your friends. You’ll find several games included in your phone at purchase. Many more are available for download.

Let your phone reflect who you are. Snap a picture and use it as a wallpaper. Create or download your own ringtone. Or show off with your own unique Style-Up™ cover.

Tennis, anyone?
Want to follow the world’s best female tennis players around the world? Check out the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour website. Get unique downloads, try the Tennis Challenge and step behind the scenes to see how the girls use their Sony Ericsson phones to document their days.